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Life on Two Wheels:  Thankfully I was paying Attention.  This was almost a VERY Different Title.

So I was all fired up about taking my Venge out for a ride yesterday evening.  A few days from now, with the end of daylight savings time, my evening rides will be effectively over.  I’m quickly running out of days acceptable enough to ride the good bike.

My ride started out fantastically.  I was up shifting like a madman.  12, 14, 18 mph… 2o, then 22 where I settled down, into a mild breeze.  I’d have been struggling to hold 19 on the Trek – a decent set of wheels makes a big difference.

Heading north I came upon our roundabout.  My second favorite part of my ride because I’ve only had to slow down twice since they put it in and I can shoot through the intersection faster than cars can navigate the tight turns.  It’s a rare day I have an advantage over a car.

Entering the roundabout (shown in the photo coming back the other way):

I saw an older Impala coming toward me from the right.  I clearly had the right-of-way but I couldn’t see the driver’s face…  I have this crazy rule I live by; If I can’t see the driver’s face I assume they’re going to do something stupid.  Much to my chagrin, I sat up and slowed.

Sure enough, she didn’t even tap her brakes.  If I hadn’t been paying attention, or if I had assumed she would yeild, I’d be a grease spot a fire fighter would be sweeping off the concrete with the aid of a couple bottles of Coke.

I let my momentum carry me right up to within a few feet of her door and I yelled, “Hey!”  She jumped in her seat and quickly turned her head with a perfect “Oh, F***” expression on her face.  She was so zoned out, she didn’t even see me till I shouted.

My friends, riding under the assumption that everyone behind the wheel is an idiot won’t guarantee safety, but it’s saved my bacon more times that I care to recount.

I continued on with my ride, not even shaken.  The remainder was exceptional, glorious, and fast.  Coming through town on the way back I held north of 26 mph for two miles after having to stop momentarily for two stop lights.

I finished the 16 mile route, stops and all, in 48m:36s.  A 19.8 mph average.

While I could have made a big deal about the poor driving skills displayed by that young lady, or chosen to remain shaken by the event, the way I choose to ride made neither necessary or even reasonable.  All turned out well in the end.
With the exception of the 2o second altercation at the roundabout, the remaining 48:16 was absolutely wonderful.  I got my fast on and that had me smiling all night long.