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A Note to President-elect Donald Trump; Don’t Fall into the Mandate Trap.  It’s not a Mandate and We who Elected You have You on a Very Short Leash.

This will not be the post many of you were expecting.  I didn’t come out of semi-retirement to be a sheep.

President Obama gave a very eloquent speech about President-elect Donald Trump’s win yesterday.  It was awesome and the proudest I’ve been of the man since he was elected, the first time.  It’s not that I don’t like President Obama either, I don’t like government and the way it wields power like a toy meant to keep sheeple in line, doing what the “educated” political class, and thereby government, believes is “good”, meanwhile that class jetsets about as if their rules don’t apply to them.  That is un-American to its core.

That’s one hand.  On the other is what I said immediately after President Obama was elected.  “I hope we get the guy in the victory speech, not the big government guy I think he is.  I hope I’m wrong about who he is and I’ll give him the benefit of doubt for now”.  That is in quotes because that’s exactly what I said.  I believed it too.

What we got was “Elections have consequences.  We won.”

What we got was soaring debt and Healthcare that doubled in cost (including the spike in deductibles) in the four years after it was implemented.  We got an anemic recovery from an economic collapse that started on the steps of Congress and Bill Clinton’s White House steps and trickled down through the banking system, real estate system, all the way down to suckers who believed they could benefit from an adjustable rate mortgage and lax lending policy.  We also had Republicans locked out of negation for two years.

President Obama and Democrats started talking “mandate” the day after they assumed power.

Imagine my surprise when Paul Ryan started talking about a mandate last night.  I jest, of course.  I was not surprised.  “Mandate” is establishment speak.  Mr. Trump, you were elected because you’re not the establishment.

Go ahead and get rid of Obamacare because it sucks.  Something like 75% of Americans hate it.  Go ahead and shore up the Supreme Court.  Fill it with Constitutionalists.  Then do what you do.  Fix the machine that is a flailing, debt-ridden American company.  That’s your mandate.  Drain the swamp, get us back to budgets and fiscal responsibility.

And unlike your predecessor, be the guy you promised to be in your victory speech.

The establishment will try to drag you into petty debates and distract you.  It’s a big world and easy to do.  Just please remember why you’re where you asked us to put you.  And by all means, take every opportunity to remind Democrats that politicians are not the answer to problems.  They’re a necessary evil that takes joy in creating them so we can rip each other apart with insults and ignorance.  For a vote.

Always remember the guy in your victory speech.  Be that guy and we can all do something good with it.

PS.  Nice job, man.  I didn’t see that one coming.