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Cycling Quote: How to Know if You’re Doing It Right…


November 2016

“To be a cyclist is to be a student of pain. Sure the sport is fun with its seamless pacelines and secret singletrack, its post-ride pig-outs and soft muscles grown wonderfully hard. But at cycling’s core lies pain, hard and bitter as the pit inside a juicy peach. It doesn’t matter if you’re sprinting for an Olympic gold medal, a town sign, a trailhead, or the rest stop with the homemade brownies. If you never confront pain, you’re missing the essence of the sport.”
Scott Martin


  1. esteven says:

    pain might be the essence to some, but freedom and pleasure are two motivating factors for me. i just like the feel of the wind in my face, freedom, and meeting people along the way.

    • bgddyjim says:

      It appears you may have read too much into the quote, or perhaps not enough depending on how you want to look at it. Pain is the essence “of the sport”. It’s not the essence of a nice Sunday spin. Nobody would claim that.

      If you want to cycle as “a sport”, you have to embrace the pain. Nobody is fast enough or strong enough, naturally, to keep up without hurting. Not even on a B-Group club ride.

    • Dan says:

      While I like what you’re saying esteven, I remember when I first started riding 22 years ago. I didn’t/don’t compete in any way and don’t care (much) about speed. Still, the legs would hurt from the lactic acid build up as I learned to ride more than 5 miles. It’s a great pain! The body had to learn how to expel that and it seldom hurts now, but when we all started…..yeah, it would hurt sometimes.

  2. Mark says:

    Pain is trying to ride a similar 20 miles at at 5500 feet elevation when you haven’t ridden in months and your body is use to a 500 foot or less elevation. The lungs burn In the dry air as you constantly fight to catch your breath. LOL though i would share my recent pain with you.

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