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A Non-political Look at the Electoral College, Why it’s Brilliant…. and How to Explain it so Even a Butt Hurt Democrat will Understand.


December 2016

This will be a very short, very simple post.

Democrats in the US are launching an assault on the Electoral College, and Electors for that matter.  Death threats are common from the ignorant, butt hurt lefties, sore over their loss after the press completely missed the mood of the Country and assumed a landslide for Hillary Clinton.  

Anyway, left-wing lunacy aside here’s why the Electoral College is brilliant, as were the people who created it all those years ago…

First, if you live in New York or California, or in certain other States across America, to an extent, it may seem like your vote doesn’t matter.  Oh, I could wax poetically, but I’m not going to waste the words.  If you’re a red dot in a blue sea or the blue dot in a red sea, in the current setup, your vote might seem like it doesn’t count, blue or red, in either scenario.  This is not a reason to switch though, it’s actually the reason to keep it exactly the same.  In either case, popular vote or Electoral College, a dot in a sea won’t matter.  For instance, if you are a Republican in Washington DC, you couldn’t be more irrelevant.  Humorously, the same applies to a DC Democrat.  The people of DC vote 90-95% for Democrats.  They obviously know who butters their bread.  The individual is lost with numbers like that.

This is where it gets fun, and important…  Donald Trump won 30 of the 50 States and the Electoral College vote.  He won the majority of States, by a long shot.  Hillary Clinton won the popularity count, by a long shot.  This isn’t rocket science and no amount of hocus pocus or whining will change this truth. 

Both Republicans and Democrats have said in the past that they want to be the President of all the People.  Both said it in this go-around.  If this is truly what is desired, then the Electoral College is how to get to that.  If ease of win is desired, if fraud and abuse are desired, the easiest way is to get those is through popular vote.  

Which States mattered in this election?  Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconson, yes?  New Hampshire maybe?  We’ve seen Florida matter all the way down to the wire….  If the Electoral College goes, the only places that will matter are the population centers on the coasts.  

In a popularity contest, the population centers will get all of the attention.  The flyover States will be forgotten entirely, period, end of story because they won’t matter.

The Electoral College makes every State important because no candidate or pundit knows which is the one that will put the winning candidate over 270.

So, if you’re from anywhere other than the East or Left Coast, before you glom onto the popular “I’m smarter than you while being vastly more ignorant than you because I read the New York Times and listen to NPR” talking point of the day, think it through.

In reality, your vote does matter the most right now because it gets politicians out of their cozy little DC Bubble.  In this way, the one that matters, the Electoral College is irreplaceable.  
On the other hand, if you want Districts and something that works more like Panem than the United States, where the Capitol flourishes while the Districts struggle to survive, go ahead and support a popularity contest.

My apologies for the jab in the Title.  That, on reflection, wasn’t too cool.  Funny, yes, cool, no.  Hopefully it got you to look though.


  1. mmpalepale says:

    I don’t like to delve into anything political because it may result in the urge to throat punch someone (I’m of the petite stature, so there), but I enjoyed your article. Thanks! 🙂

    • bgddyjim says:

      Thank you. I’ve seen so much misleading reporting on the Electoral College of late, mainly lamenting that Hillary lost but took the popular vote and how much better it would be if… that I decided I had to write a bit about it filling in the blanks. Politics piss me off too. 😉

  2. Andy says:

    I agree with the EC and it cuts both ways. Whenever we screw around with the system it always comes back to bite us in the ass.
    I think South Carolina is trying to take power away from the governor because the Republican governor may be going to DC and her Lt. Governor is a Democrat. They ought to be careful before taking that vote!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Nothing pisses me off more than politicians shooting moves like that, either side, trying to affect the next politician in line. Good God, it’s ridiculous.

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