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Power Line: Mid-Week in Pictures: Electoral College Graduation Edition


December 2016

Trigger (heh) warning:  Oops, it think this was supposed to be before the photo of the fat lady singing.  If this caused you to pee your pants, my bad.  Sorry.

Power Line: Mid-Week in Pictures: Electoral College Graduation Edition.


  1. unironedman says:

    Hilarious. And see how you can’t spell Hillary without hilarious? Well, almost. Not quite. Bit like the election really…
    But yeah, didn’t really understand that you guys over there still hadn’t actually sorted out your election. Guess it was a bit better than the hanging chad fiasco. Will yis ever get your sh!t together and work how to elect someone without all the drama? 😉
    Maybe they should stick the candidates on a bike…

    • bgddyjim says:

      Well, your understanding of our system is a little lacking. It was always over on November 9th, Our Democrats are simply sore losers so they try anything they can to rig the system to their advantage. Our Electoral College system ensures that every State has a say in the election, not just California and New York. We are, much to the chagrin of the aforementioned States, the United States of America. Both candidates knew the rules of the game before it was played, the loser was trying to change the rules after the loss to affect the outcome after the game was played. Of course, she ended up losing 2-1/2 times the electors he did, so I don’t think the campaign worked the way they’d hoped. Same goes for the ridiculous recount campaign. In Wisconsin, Trump ended up with between 130 and 155 more votes than he was credited with on election night, depending on which report one uses. In Detroit (just 50 miles from my home) the recount exposed that there were almost 800 more votes cast (favoring the losing party) than there were people eligible to vote… In other words, it appears Democrats are stuffing the ballot box in Detroit… which has resulted in an investigation by a Republican Governor, and Republican controlled House and Senate.

      Pass the popcorn, this is gonna be good. Either way, when Trump complained that the system is rigged, this is what he was talking about.

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