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Crossing 8,500 Miles for 2016….

I took last week off the bike just eleven miles short of 8,500 for the year.  As nice as the weather was, we didn’t ride one mile.  My sister-in-law flew my wife, kids and I down to stay with them in Florida over the Christmas Holiday.  It was 29 degrees (-2 C) when we left and 78 when we landed.  That was the coldest day of the week.  Most of the week it was above 82.  Day One was spent at the pool.  Day Two:

Wave jumping.  Day three was spent at the pool.  Day four, we were back to wave jumping again… too much wind for anything else, but with 5-7 foot seas, it was a blast.

Days five and six were spent snorkeling and it was spectacular:

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  After snorkeling on our last full day, all nine of us went to see Rogue One (phenomenal btw) at one of those theaters that have the leather recliner seats throughout the whole theater.  Pure awesome.

Well, yesterday was devoted to playing a few last minute rounds of Spades before flying home…

How do you know when you’re not in paradise anymore?

Ah well…

Almost home (by way of Chicago)…

This all ends perfectly, though. We’re back with one more day left in 2016, and we’re riding this morning.  Three hours from now I should be cruising over the 8,500 mile mark.  What a perfect cap to a fantastic year.

UPDATE:  19-1/2 Spectacular Miles.  The only thing better than a bike ride after a week off!