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Nothing like getting right after it…. ┬áKnocking the rust off on day one

I weighed 180 pounds when I got back from vacation.  Going into spring I want that number to be at 175.  I rode 20 miles Friday with my friends on the mountain bikes.  With the weather reasonable, we took the road bikes out for another 38 miles yesterday.  Let’s just say, after spending so much time on the trainer and mountain bikes, I wasn’t quite ready for two hours on the road bikes.  This happens every winter.

I did well for the first 25-28 miles but the last 9-12 miles were tough.  My legs were protesting by the time we rolled into the parking lot.

We’re heading out again today for another 25 on the mountain bikes.  

That 180 is already 178, in three days. 

Thankfully it’s not rocket science for me.  Light breakfast, light lunch, no seconds at dinner, light deserts like a small bowl of popcorn (if any at all), ride more, ride fast….

Of course, I rarely write about when it was rocket science…

Let’s see, I don’t want to die young because I’m fat.  HOWEVER:  Running is bad for the knees though so I can’t run.  I can’t rollerblade because there are no good, quiet roads.  I can’t ride a bike because I hate my Sears POS bike.  I have to eat a lot because I quit smoking and that’s what they say people do when a person quits smoking and food tastes yummy.  Add all that up, carry the two, divide by a double chin… and the answer must be: “I’m gettin’ fat.”  

Or, I can simplify that equation: Bullshit.

Running isn’t bad for the knees, I was ignorant (though it sounded really good when I believed it).  The lack of a decent place to rollerblade was reasonable, but not exactly the truth – that was half an excuse at best.  My bike may have been a POS but it worked just fine.  Food does taste better after one quits smoking.  Folks, for me, it was an astounding realization when I first really tasted a burger.  I’d spent most of my youth eating just to fuel my body… eating went from something I had to do to something that was actually enjoyable, and newly recovering addicts and alcoholics don’t do “enjoyable” well.  We tend to overdo anything that makes us feel “better”.

So, all of that meant an extra 45 pounds.

Contrast that to today:  I ride daily, eat responsibly (usually), I was a runner for long enough to grow bored with it (what can I say, it’s just not my thing) and managing my weight within ten pounds through the year is relatively simple.

Anyway, I actually chuckled when I got on the scale to see I’d already dropped two pounds. Nothing like knocking the rust off after a vacation.  I’m already ahead of last year.  Chuckle.