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Daily Archives: January 4, 2017

My Surprise New Year Resolution…  Meh.

For 2017 I resolve to not need a resolution….  Hold onto your butts, this is gonna get bumpy.

I put my cycling shorts on one leg at a time like everyone else, which means I am quite proficient at letting New Year resolutions slip by the wayside the very second I get bored or they become too much of a challenge.

Where I differ is that I know this and am quite okay with being honest about why it happens.  Let’s just say you don’t see this often.  It’s all too common, if people aren’t plain ignorant of how they work or lack the capacity to honestly assess the inner workings, they choose to be a victim of some nameless, faceless “society” that makes them feel bad.  The disdain I hold for the weak, soft, petulant, loser mentality that creates this manner of blaming one’s reality on something outside themselves that they can’t even put a real finger on…  Well, let’s just say it’s not surprising these people can’t find peace and happiness if it knocks them on the head.

Consider, if the source of one’s discontent is outside them, so must their source of happiness.  If happiness is an inside job, and indeed it is, simply put, you’re screwed.

I won’t be making any resolutions this year.  Perhaps I’m getting on in years and patience.  A simple, honest inventory of where I’m at and where I want to be will suffice.

In terms of recovery, things are going  excellently and only a minor tweaking of a few things will be necessary, at least as I see it today.  I reserve the right to reverse course at any time, as my ignorance or lack of vision becomes apparent.  Perhaps it would be better to say, “as my inventory exposes certain defects of character to the light of day”.

As my marriage goes, the key will be to continue to stay on top of things, making certain not to “sweep things under the rug”.  All too often, as a male of the species, I tend to confuse quiet with peace and happiness.  Rather than discuss something that will lead to intensive negotiation, I’ll sweep it under the rug to preserve quiet.  Over time, things build up into a pretty big lump and it all comes out at once causing a week(s) of fighting.  Our marriage, through hard work and a lot of love, has become too good, too special, to treat it like that.

As fitness goes, it’ll be lose five pounds before spring (that vacation kicked my @$$).  Other than that, I would love a repeat of last year…. rinse and repeat – and fewer miles is acceptable.  What matters nowadays is quality.
As work goes, I have some big plans for the new year and will get to them as soon as I get back to work on Tuesday.  I’m fired up to get going.

A lot of honesty and a life inventory go a long way to making resolutions, that won’t stick in the long run anyway, unnecessary.

Oh, and just to mess with those who find comfort in their victim mentality and won’t like seeing it attacked, the phrase “it takes one to know one” applies to me.  You don’t get to recovery from addiction without A) Believing that your addiction is someone else’s fault and B) Coming to the realization that belief holds you back from the full sunlight of recovery.  I know exactly how hard and necessary it is to lance the victim mentality if one wishes to be happy.