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Sale at Nashbar!


January 2017

There’s a smokin’ sale happening at Nashbar.

A high priority on my list was shorts and bibs….  Bibshorts for me, shorts for my wife.

I ended up with three pair of bibs for me and three pair of shorts for my wife.  All top quality, for less than $230 delivered to my door.  Not only are there plenty of items on sale, they’re knocking off an additional percentage at checkout for orders over $49.  All told, we saved around $300-ish.

Watch the Cannondale shorts… the high-end stuff is almost assuredly Pro-fit.  I had to send back my first pair of bibs and exchange them for a larger size.  I’m a 32″ waist and the sizing chart places a medium at 32-34″.  That’s my normal size with Specialized.  I could barely get them over my knees.  I opted for the 34-36 Large.  The Gore bibs are true to size.

My wife got two different pair of Cannondale shorts and a pair of Bellwether’s.  

Check the sale out here.


  1. Dan says:

    I’ve had issues with Nashbar and credit cards. Twice, my card got used for other things after using them. Once was to the tune of $8000. $6500 was at one hotel in Connecticut. M
    Thankfully my card company was fantastic and all the charges were taken off.

    • bgddyjim says:

      No kidding! I’ve used them dozens of times and never had an issue. Now Walmart, that’s a different story. Every time I use a card there I get hammered.

  2. Eric says:

    I bought a Castelli kit this past fall and really like it if your ever looking for another brand. Beware though sizing runs small very pro fit. Im a medium in Pearl and wear large in Castelli and unless im “in shape” can fit a little snug lol.

    • bgddyjim says:

      All of the Pro-fit stuff is like that. I know a few guys who will only wear Castelli, so I know it’s great, quality stuff. Just a little too pricey for me. One of these days I’ll catch a sale. Thanks for the tip, Eric.

  3. Eric Kelsey says:

    Yeah sometimes you see it on sale on Amazon prices are different all the time it seems like so I just put in my cart and see if it comes down. Oh I started a Cycling channel on Youtube recently if you want to check it out. Hopefully be adding some content soon. Might be going up to Marquette for fat bike trip so Id like to take some video. Its suppose to warm up here in lower Michigan so might be back on the road bike this week high’s in the 50’s coming to Detroit. Heres the like to my channel.

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