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Fit Recovery’s Cycling Dictionary: The Definition of Pro-fit

Fit Recovery’s Cycling Dictionary defines the term “Pro-fit” thusly:

descriptive adjective

Special sizing used in cycling apparel.  For men, trying to fit into their normal size will have them feeling like Hulk Hogan.  Once the male of the species realizes he can’t pull the shorts up beyond his knees or can’t zip the jersey, he’ll simply send them back for one size larger.

For the female of the species, trying to fit into their normal size will have them feeling like they ate Hulk Hogan, barbecued, ground up in a sammich, between two 100 pound slabs of bread, with extra mayo, onion straws with a side of French fries (I think the Brits call them “chips”).  I’m not going to go any further because, you know…  You get the idea though.


This kit is Pro-fit

We should clarify absolutely here:  Pro-fit cycling clothing is not meant to fit one’s actual size.  Say, for a male, if you have a 32″ waist, you will need to order the 34″-36″ bib shorts.  I don’t do women’s sizes, because I know better and value my testicles, but you get the idea.  The fault is not with the purchaser.  You did not become “fat(ter)” overnight, you did not mystically gain 25 pounds.  Pro-fit translates to “order up one size”.

So, from now on, should you order cyclewear online, if you see “Pro-fit” anywhere in the description, simply order up one size.  To my knowledge there isn’t one manufacturer out there who actually sizes their stuff right.  It’s not you.  On the other hand, if you’re a pro cyclist… well, do as you do.  You know better than me anyway.