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Listening to My Body… Er Sumthin’


January 2017

I’m on a tuna fish sammich kick lately….  At roughly 60 whole calories a serving, it’s a good time for it too.  The last time I had enjoyed a TFS was, maybe, three or four years ago.

It just hit me, this craving, about two weeks ago.  Since, whenever I have an upcoming meal without a plan my body, specifically 63.4% from my gut region (48.2% stomach, 12.2% lower intestine, 13% liver), 28.5% from my melon, and the last 8.1% is from somewhere in the vicinity of my right ass cheek, says, “DUDE!  Throw me some tuna, mayo, celery on some toasted bread.  STAT!  Oh, and while you’re at it, sparky, don’t give me any of that cheap-shit bread.  Your body hereby declareth that you want the good stuff!”  

So I comply, and it is delightful.  Go figure, when the body speaks and all…. we listen, eh?

Oh wait…. I’m getting a signal.  Hang on a second…. Wait for it….

42.5%, from my left ass cheek, wants a steak!  Woohoo!  Wait, my right pec just chimed in 21.8%… Porterhouse!  Ooh, and my ear (20.2%) just showed up to the party with garlic smashed potatoes!  And my pinky toe wants a salad!

Bgddy’s eatin’ good this weekend!

[ED. If the shit fits, wear it.]

Sadly, I really miss my Venge.  I went into the bike room this morning to drool over it for a minute.

Just sitting on the wall, looking like the badass it is.  Only two or three months to go to Venge Day ’17.

Truthfully, I go off on a bit of a tangent about “listening to my body”.  Some days, I’m cool with the saying.  Most others I get to thinking I’d be riding at a ridiculously slow 18 mph average if I had.  I’d never have gotten fast.  All of those times I threw up trying to push myself was my body literally saying, “Dude, cut it out” – but I didn’t.  I said to my body, “Suck it up, buttercup, ‘cuz it’s about to get bumpy”.

And I’m happier for telling my body to take a flying leap off a short dock, too.  So I suppose the moral of this post would be yeah, go ahead and listen to your body… just not too closely.  Some things are worth the extra effort.  There is no fist-bump at the end of quitting…

…just disappointment and second guesses.


  1. SheSpoke says:

    Can’t say a tuna sandwich does it for me… more likely my body is shouting Chocolate orange!!!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Mmm… Jujyfruits candy makes my mouth hole happy. That’s a rare treat though. I think of fuel food differently. When I’m hungry, the last thing I want is candy or a treat… no cookies, no cake. I think about some kind of “fix the hunger” food, so that’s where the tuna sammich comes in.

      • SheSpoke says:

        I completely agree. After spin today I was craving avocado and bacon on rye! actually the chocolate orange is sickly sweet and was overdone and Christmas- quite happy for a break for 11 months!

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