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Freaking FINALLY!  A Ride without the Training Wheel!


January 2017

I think it was 35 (1c) when I took that photo, considerably colder when we left at noon and we had to wait till noon for the ice to melt off the road… Oh, and we had to stick to the paved roads because the dirt roads were a frozen mess, but it was wonderful nonetheless.

I can only take so many trainer miles before I go a little stir crazy.  Still, to get my 100 miles in for the week I had to spend another 20 minutes on the trainer after we got back.

After, Mrs. Bgddy put together a nice smoothie for me (basically fruit and yogurt… hers had a lot more to it but tasted like a dirt salad with a hint of blueberry – I have a new respect for anyone who chooses to consume their food in this manner… that $#!+ was gnarly!).

We cleaned up, our daughters went to respective friend’s houses, and we went out for a dinner date!  I capped the night with watching the football games in between bowling (174, 183, 194 actual).

By the time I got home I was absolutely wiped out and fell asleep within seconds of laying down in bed….  I felt a renewed happiness all day long after that bike ride.  A little fresh winter air:  Just what the doctor ordered!


  1. Dan says:

    I know what you mean about the taste of some of the smoothies people make! Healthy food does NOT have to taste like dirt! I also know what you mean about finally getting out! We have near 50 degrees coming later in the week. I think I at least have Thursday free to ride!

  2. Your smoothie description made me laugh! I spent such a long time drinking grass-flavoured smoothies. Now I’ve discovered that spirulina actually tastes nice with chocolate protein powder and peanut butter makes everything better. I don’t even know the kale is in there anymore 🙂

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