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GCN’s Five Hacks for Perfect Road Bike Shifting…


January 2017

I’m a big fan of the Global Cycling Network.  I’m a long-time subscriber and I watch as many of their videos as time allows.  This video really caught my eye though, because I’m exceptionally finicky about how my bikes shift.  In fact, I’m so picky I don’t think that last sentence supplies enough emphasis on just how persnickety I can be.  Dude, look at me now, I mean finicky. 

I was fully prepared to watch this video and learn nothing new – and I’m pleased I was mistaken.  The video above provides a few excellent tips and some tremendous camera work that shows exactly how the derailleur limiting screws work for both the front and rear derailleurs.  As a noob, those limiting screws caused me a lot of consternation and if they’re set wrong, enormous damage can be done to your bike and its wheels or frame.

If that wasn’t enough (and I’d have been happy with just that little bit of information), at 2:30 into the video they get into how to properly tighten your shifting cable into the rear mech.

Just 50 seconds later, at 3:20, Si gets into a brilliant trick for setting the front derailleur set screws and cable which, with modern 10 and 11 speed cassettes, can be quite difficult to get right without a bunch of gears rubbing against the derailleur cage.

If you have troubles adjusting your derailleurs or take your bike to the shop to have that done, check out the video above.  It should help your understanding of how things work.  It did mine and I’ve been doing my own cables and adjusting for years.


  1. I was expecting nothing new too, as some of the videos are very, very noob orientated (not a bad thing) but those were some good little tips to remember! I hate the sound of a clickety clackety drivetrain, either mine or especially somebody else’s in the bunch!

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