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A Rain Bike for Every Season…

I’ve been putting in a lot of trainer miles lately and it was already getting old.  We had a warm snap up here in Michigan but it was wet and foggy too.

Rain, fog and too much to do kept us indoors on Friday but by Saturday I’d had enough.  My buddy Mike showed up a 9 as the fog was all but cleared up and we headed out for a nice ride with a minimum of layers.  Shorts, tights, a tech base layer and a long sleeve thermal jersey and I was perfectly, comfortably cool.

My rain bikes

For whatever reason, Mike likes mountain bikes in the winter so rather than take my Rockhopper out I opted for the 3700 because it was so wet.

A little more than an hour and a half after we headed down the road I pulled into the driveway with 24 glorious (if dirty and wet) miles in and I was bummed to be home.

Contrast that with Sunday.  Heavy fog meant it was far too dangerous to play outside and 35 minutes into my ride on the trainer I was watching the clock.

The trainer has done me a lot of good this off season, I can feel it, and for that I am thankful but damn it’s soul-crushingly boring next to riding outside.  An hour-and-a-half feels like twenty minutes outside but half that time feels like triple on a trainer.  Call it my Winter Cycling Theory of Relativity

Even though I can think of a dozen things I’d rather be doing than grinding miles out on the trainer, there is one truth that I always keep in mind as I’m tightening my carbon fiber cycling shoes down to do it all over again:  Those long rides come summertime won’t be near as enjoyable if I’m trying to play catch up.  

There’s simply too much fun out there to be had on two wheels for me to be lackadaisical now.  If I’m out of shape I’ll spend the first three months getting my legs back rather than enjoying my time on the road.  No thanks.