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The Only Time a 30 Minute Spin on the Trainer is Okay….

Work has been fast and furious lately.  I had an emergency pop up that I had to attend to immediately so my guys could remain productive.  I dropped everything and ran to the print shop.  The first, a Staples, said they could get my measly seven pages done by 3 pm.  It was 9 am.  I laughed, said no thanks, and walked out the door.

I found a local FedEx print and ship shop and had my drawings printed fifteen minutes later, on the exact same machine they had at Staples.

I hopped back to the office pick up payroll then assessed my situation… Earlier I’d cleared up a bid I had due the next day but I had to be to a progress meeting at a monster job I’ve got going about 25 minutes from my office.  I couldn’t fit my 45 minute spin in and make the meeting in time to walk the job with my superintendent before the meeting.
It had been exactly one week since I’d taken a day off, so I figured this would be mine.  I packed up my stuff and rolled.  I made it in plenty of time, got everything squared away and rocked the meeting.

I got back to my office at 2:28 and had to leave at 3:20 to meet my daughter getting off the bus (Mrs. Bgddy was at the eldest daughter’s swim meet)…  instead of plunking away on my computer to pass time, I quickly donned my kit and climbed on the bike (it’s on a trainer in my office) at exactly 2:30.

I cranked out a half-hour at hyper-speed and was drenched by the time I was done.  I finished up my daily push-ups (I had 35 to go), cleaned up, packed up and ran out the door.

On one hand, I hate 30 minute workouts, even if they are extra-tough.  On the other hand, it’s better than taking a day off.

These are the only days that I can be happy with 30 minutes of exercise.  Oh, and the push-ups (press-ups for my brothers and sisters across the pond) don’t count.  I only do those so I can pull harder on my handlebars when I launch a sprint…

I know me.  I am honest about who I am.  I know half measures will lead to polishing the couch with my ass.  If you’ve ever wondered why I do what I do, these last two paragraphs sum it up pretty good.

Half-measures avail me nothing.  A good rule to live by…