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A Rare, Perfect Day… on the Mountain Bikes!

February 2017
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I’ve never been shy about the fact that I’m a road cyclist first.  Since I bought my first road bike mountain bikes have taken a back seat…. on a really long bus.

I like the speed most of all.  I’ve had my road bikes over 55 mph, heck most of my Tuesday night sprints on flat ground are close to 35…  I love fast.  I feel like a kid with a toy so exclusive, most people can’t even imagine spending on a bike what I happily laid down for mine.

For years I’ve ridden mountain bikes when it’s just too nasty for a road bike.  Too cold, too wet, too much snow…  It’s a rare day I’ll take a mountain bike out over a road bike.  Yesterday was one of them.

The temperature was just below freezing but we had worries about residual ice on the road so for safety’s sake we rolled out chubby tire bikes.  My wife, my friends Matt, Chuck, Phill, Mike, and I rolled out heading west into a fairly gnarly headwind.  I worked my way to the front (we still draft, even on the mountain bikes – “You can put a roadie on a mountain bike…”) and went for the first Township sign just a mile from my house.  Phill was coming up hard on my left so I put all of the ass I had into my sprint.  I pulled so hard on an up-stroke that I pulled my right foot right out of the pedal.  Phill got me at the line.

Mrs. Bgddy turned back a mile later and headed for home, early.  We continued on.

He got me at the next one too.  I’d been up front pulling for two miles before the sprint and I simply ran out of gas before I hit the line.  The same thing happened on the third.  Too much time up front, but I hammered them pretty good on the way to the sign.

We turned around and I took the front again, this time with a cross tailwind. I was really starting to get my stride, as they say.  I pulled for two or three miles and headed to the back.  I’d stay in the draft for a mile or two and work my way back up front again.

We were coming up to the next sign, a County sign this time, and even though I’d been up front at 21-22 mph I wasn’t going to lose another sign.  Chuck pulled along side me and started a conversation so I chatted with him for a second.  Then I heard gears shifting behind me.  Chuck was in mid-sentence when I up-shifted and launched my sprint, this time being careful not to pull too hard with my back foot.  I crossed the line a full two bikes in front of Phill and 100 meters in front of the group.

Mike came charging by me trying for the next town line sign, only a quarter of a mile after the county sign.  I’d taken the Genesee County sign at 26 mph so I let Mike take Gaines.  I still had two more I to get on the way home.

We were heading west now, with a great tailwind and we kept up a ridiculous pace for so early in the season.  I was at the front again and we were holding down a great but sustainable pace.

To make a long story short, I took the last two signs, launching from second and lead bike respectively and got them by a goodly margin.

I feel like my trainer workouts are going quite well as I was feeling exceptionally awesome the whole last half of the ride and we pulled into the driveway with 28-1/2 miles in 1:58 and some change and I could have easily added on another ten or fifteen miles and I spent a ton of time up front.  There’s nothing like going into a new season, with more than a month to go before the real mileage starts adding up, knowing you’re in good shape already.



  1. Your first paragraph sealed it for me — you are a sick man. Think about the rush of speed you get when you drop off a berm or into a ravine. There is nothing like it.

    Sick Carbon Jim

  2. I do agree with this as i am also a big fan of my road bike. Fast! We all love this speed no matter if you are on a 2.35inch mtb tyre or on a 23c-25c road tyre. Them miles you can put in on the road bike with the excessive amount of sprints, I hold my hands up to you. Where i live in Jersey Channel islands you can become a short sprinter or very good climber.

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