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Two Million Words and all I have to show for it is a Cool Bike… but that’s about to Change.

I started writing this blog, not this post, the collection of my posts, with a purpose; To share what I’ve learned in recovery with those not fortunate enough to have “a program” as well as share my experience with those who do.

I’ve written a lot more about cycling than initially intended but that’s only because cycling is awesome and the sport makes my recovery more enjoyable.

Thus far I’ve received exactly nothing for my effort, and that has always been the idea.  We don’t sell recovery, we give it away.  Free of charge.  A bunch of people gave me a new outlook, a good, happy, wonderful outlook on life so I’m simply doing my part to make sure others get the same, if they’re willing to work for it.

It turns out I’m not a very good sponsor, mainly because I expect people to work for their recovery as I did.  Not exactly skirt-blowing news (most people prefer the “osmosis method” which typically has poor results).  I have, in the process, been able to reach more people that I ever could attending meetings.  I’ve gotten several “this post changed my life” comments and that’s what has kept me going.  That’s all this blog has ever been about (again, the collection, not the post).

As cycling goes, I’ve never sought out ambassadorships, free stuff or sponsorship.  I don’t even race competitively.  I’m too busy having fun and being happy.  That’s what sobriety is all about…  Good, clean living in lieu of bad choices, sickness, dependence and mayhem.

I did end up with a cool bike though, but even that has ties back to recovery.  My bike is the biggest thing I’ve ever paid cash for:

32 One Hundred Dollar Bills laid on the counter.  My wife’s was the next biggest, though I wrote a check for that one, the novelty of the thick stack was done.  This is what happens when one chooses the path of recovery.  Good decisions tend to lead to good results.

The best I could manage as a drunk was delivering pizzas and living at my parents’ house.  I wasn’t very good at delivering pizzas.  Today my efforts provide good, high-paying jobs for dozens of families.

Back to writing… I was contacted last week by the publisher of an endurance sport magazine about a post I’d written a short time ago.  They want to publish my post, and not only that, I’ll be paid.  Not a lot, of course, but dude!

I took my bikes into the office yesterday to work on some better, cleaner pics to go with the article.

I don’t know if my post will become a real, honest to God article yet, but you can be sure that if it does I’ll let you know where it’s published… More, I hope, to come.