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Daily Archives: February 19, 2017

Waiting to Ride…

I’ve got an hour and ten minutes before our first big group ride of the new year.

An hour and nine minutes…

All of my gear is laid out and waiting.  28 minutes till I’m dressed and out the door.  An hour and eight minutes till we ride.

I’m giddy.  Maybe I should change now.  Meh, no sense in that.

An hour and seven minutes.

My buddy Mike just texted me, he hates the waiting too.  I chuckled when the text came across.

An hour and six…

This is why I ride a bike.  It’s barely 40 degrees out and I don’t care.  I can’t wait to ride.  

I’ve gotta be one of the luckiest people on the planet.  A wife who loves me, good kids, a good, clean, happy life…

And a bike and some friends.

I’ve gotta pick up some noodle salad for dinner.  It’s one of those “good times and noodle salad” kind of days.

Now ask me, seriously, why I don’t choose the couch.

One hour and one minute…

Screw it, I’m getting ready.  I’ll show up early.  WOOHOO!  Ridin’, baby!
UPDATE:  37-1/2 miles 21 mph average, on the nose.  My buddy Mike and I did a mile into town before the ride, just lollygagging around so I don’t have the official time.  We did 38.6 miles in 1:55:42 so our average with the extra was 20.0. An awesome first ride of the year!

And I’m going back out with Mrs. Bgddy!  Woohoo!

Yes, most decidedly slower.  I hurt now.  Night, night.