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Peter Sagan on a Pedestal….  It’s Hard not to put Him up there.

Peter Sagan is my favorite cyclist since Armstrong tore up the Tour de France peloton – only, presumably, Sagan actually is clean.  Keep in mind, when Armstrong was winning we were under the impression he actually was clean.  That said, I don’t want to go back there with this post because a professional most people can like, or at least not hate, is a rare thing.  And Sagan is one that most can like.  For me, it also doesn’t hurt that he rides a Specialized Venge.

I recently read a post written by a friend about Sagan and a back and forth tweet between a young British cyclist and Peter, and their shared love of Haribo gummy bears.

And thus…

It just doesn’t get much cooler than that.  The World Champ taking a second to reply to the random tweet of a fan.

Sadly, we fans have a funny way of burning these rare greats out, because we all want our “Peter Sagan tweeted me back” moment.  We put people like this on a pedestal then watch as they’re knocked off – some even seem to delight at the process.

As far as I’m concerned, all I can do is sit back and hope this doesn’t happen when it comes to Peter Sagan.  He’s turned out to be cycling’s caped crusader – the nice guy who does really well riding a bike for a living.  He gets to do what many of us only dream of and he’s one of the rare few who genuinely looks like he’s having as much fun as I do when I’m on my bike – and that’s something special right there.

Meantime, pass the gummy bears.  We’ll be buying more Haribo gummy bears.  If they’re good enough to refuel the Champ, they’re good enough for little old me.