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30 for 30 Days of Cycling; Fitness, Meh. Fun, Indubitably

I’m not to 30 yet, only 28 days, but I’ll get there tomorrow easy enough.  My fitness is awesome, I came out of winter ahead of where I was last year and mileage is building easily, so when I wrote “Meh” in the Title I did it to convey the simple message that the fitness, six years into my cycling experiment, is not the important part.  When one eats as I do and rides as much (and as fast, or “vigorously”) as I do, being fit is kind of unavoidable.

Yesterday I took the good bike out for a spin with my wife and friends, almost 18 miles in a little more than an hour, for a recovery ride after Tuesday’s 38 mile club ride and warmup.  Wednesdays typically end up being a solo ride or a spin with my wife, so it was an awesome treat when my buddy Mike called and asked to tag along.  After I spoke with him, I called Phill and invited him too.  That made an even four.

We chose a route with a lot of back roads and subdivisions so we could spend the most time side-by-side.  The only time the laughing ebbed was when we were sprinting for City Limits signs.  Sprinting is probably not something you should do on a recovery ride, but I really didn’t care, it was all about the fun.

Yesterday was one of those days that made me pause to think about how “lucky” I was to be “inspired” to buy a bike six years ago.  I never could have guessed my life would be so much fun, though unlike investments, prior history is an indicator of future performance – in terms of addiction recovery.

Just a thought.