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My Happiest Weekend of 2017; It’s Good to Be Simple

April 2017
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Spring arrived yesterday in Michigan.  We celebrated, eight of my friends, one being my best friend on the planet, with a 39 mile ride.  It was chilly to start but it warmed up nicely to the middle 50’s.  For a change it was breezy, not windy.

Today is supposed to be almost a carbon copy, but a touch warmer.  Perfect cycling weather.

I started to fade in the last five miles yesterday and we’re adding 10-20 miles to the ride today, so it’s going to get interesting.  I am ready though.  I’ve been waiting semi-patiently for months for this weekend.

My doughy body is starting to tighten up as my weekly mileage totals go from a winter 100 miles to a spring 200-plus and my calorie burn more than doubles (trainer rides vs. outdoor rides vary greatly in required energy).  All of those push-ups I did over the winter are starting to show as my winter blubber melts away.

More important, my daily endorphin release cleanses my mood which clears the way for my remembering that all in God’s world is as it should be – and that not only is it okay to be grateful and happy, it is normal and good.

I don’t know what it is about the outdoors, the chemistry of the reaction in and on the body but I never get this feeling after an indoor trainer session…

Whatever the case, my friends will be here in 20 minutes.  In 40 it’ll be time to ride.  It is a good day to be me, and for that I am grateful.


  1. I bet your ride today was great! My body needs a break after all the moving, but I keep checking my biceps after all the exercise they have been getting. Like you with the pushups, I want them to show. I need to get ready for the pool.

  2. browney237 says:

    It’s autumn where I live and it’s the best time of the year to ride. I’m also getting more miles in my legs, loving the blue skies and bright but not so hot sun.

  3. Spring is saying hello here too, it’s glorious. So happy to be outside cycling in the sunshine. So simple, but perfect. Happy pedaling!

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