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Springtime Finally Shows Up…

April 2017
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We rode on Friday morning, just over fifteen miles in the cold damp mist.  We had about eight in when it started raining so we, my wife, my friend Mike and I, turned it around and headed home.  36 degrees (2 C) and rain.  On the bright side, it wasn’t very windy and we were on the mountain bikes.  It sucked but we got it done.

Then there was Saturday.  It started out cold, about 38 (3 C) but the sun was out in force.  We had a really good group for a Saturday, eight of us.  We rolled out at 9 am, deciding to head into the wind so we could let it push us home – and we had the good bikes.  Sweet Jesus, the good bikes!  The first five miles were quite chilly but with the sun shining so brightly, it warmed up fast enough. It was glorious.  We ended up with 38 miles in just over two perfect hours.

Sunday outdid Saturday by an order of magnitude.  Including my wife we had ten in our group and took a long route into Gaines to meet another group of eight or ten who were starting out an hour after we did.  After some hi’s and how are ya’s we formed up and rolled out.

We had a big crew.

I took the only contested City Limits sign of the day, by a bike length over a Cat 3 racer.  Dude, it was like a giant cherry on top of a perfect weekend.  Except we still had a pile of miles to go.  I questioned the sanity of going after that sign so hard more than once before we got home, let me tell you!

As the morning progressed, the sun warmed everything up wonderfully, enough I had to take my vest off and stow it in my back pocket – which left me in black leg warmers, black bibs, and a black long-sleeved jersey.  I felt kinda badass to tell you the truth.

The racers we’d picked up split off and headed home and we were able to knock the pace back so some of the other riders could roll their tongues up and place them back in their mouths.  I was okay but just barely.  I know if I’m just shy of hurting, my wife and a couple of the others aren’t having much fun.

The pace was reeled in to a reasonable 19-21 mph and it was high fives and happy times all the way home.  63 miles on the nose, just shy of a 19 mph average.

For this early in April, I’ll take those numbers and smile, every time.  We had enough laughs to last a month.

After lunch and a little nap, I did some cleanup on my bike and some maintenance on my wife’s…

And that was followed by some down time with my buddy, as my wife and kids out to a friend’s house…



Good times and noodle salad.

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