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The Ten Commandments (maybe Fifteen) of the Cycling “Enthusiast”…  I’ve Made a Title Change because of a Mistake

April 2017
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As you will start seeing tomorrow, I made a small change to my Ten (maybe Fifteen) Commandments of Cycling posts…  

To expect all cyclists to live up to even the simplest of “rules” was ignorant and too constricting on my part.  

I complained about a post in its comment section just yesterday that their rules for living suck the air (fun) out of life.  More to the point, the fact that certain people only see the world through a filter of its faults and inequities.  My reaction to that post got me to thinking about my own series and while I tried to leave a lot of room for various cyclists, I have to admit a fault;  I run through life, and often write posts on this blog, with a big set of blinders on because I’m a cycling enthusiast.  

I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to cycling and being nutty, if I’m not careful, can lead to thinking that most cyclists share my love of cycling.  That simply isn’t the case, but most enthusiasts will be able to relate easily.

My posts, at least about cycling, are meant to either make light of enthusiasts like me, or to attract new enthusiasts.  They are not meant to criticize or demean other cyclists.

From time to time I am, shall we say, inarticulate in trying to get a message across.  There are also people out there who are always looking for fault, and they’ll definitely find it with me.  Either way, that series of posts needed a name revision to exclude those who wish to be excluded and include those who choose to be included.

Excluded or included, the choice is left to the cyclist where it should be.  Not me.

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