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The Fourth Commandment for the Cycling Enthusiast:  Thou Shalt Keep Holy the Start Time of the Sunday Ride

April 2017
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Thou Shalt Keep Holy the Start Time of the Sunday Ride.

Whether it’s church first then ride, church the night before and ride with the gang in the morning, or the Sunday ride is your church, you should always be on time.

There are extenuating circumstances and everyone is allowed a get out of purgatory card.  

That’s a get out of purgatory card.  One.  A year.  Don’t waste it in the first week of April (or November for my Southern Hemisphere friends).

Don’t be late all of the time and expect the group to wait for you, lest you find out the hard way that the group will, all of a sudden, start leaving a few minutes early.  If this happens to you, just so you know, it’s you and you have worn out your welcome.  The only way of getting back into the group’s good graces, short of self-immolation*, is to show up early and apologize profusely and repeatedly for your behavior, never to repeat it again.

The smiles are much more frequent and enjoyable when you have friends to share them with.

*Dude, the whole self-immolation thing was tongue in cheek.  Actually lighting oneself on fire would be bad and hamper one’s ability to cycle and wear Lycra.  Just show up early and don’t hold the group hostage to waiting for your narrow butt and all will be forgiven.



  1. and (well according to me and my cycling buddy) It’s NOT a *&^€!! race-take time to enjoy the scenery and have the occasional stop to explore something that catches your eye

  2. This! I’d hate rocking up to the Sunday club ride at 7:50am for the 8am departure, only to be dicked around until quarter past. I hate late! And don’t get me started on the ones who wanted to push the start time out to 9am instead. Half the morning gone already by then!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Ooh, we push ours to 9, even 10, to let it warm up a little. Tomorrow it’ll be 28 (-2 C) at 8 am. 36 at 9 am and 40+ at 10… As we get into summer we shift that to 7 am. Gotta do what you gotta do on the 43rd parallel, bro.

      • Yeah you get it a little colder over there! I prefer out the door at 6am, bang out some fast miles then home for a second breakfast/brunch! Still on the lookout for a suitable group ride around my part of Tassie.

      • bgddyjim says:

        You may have to work to get to a decent group. Maybe travel a bit to a shop ride, then find out who lives near you…?

        Good luck, mate.

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