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50 Miles and All I have to Show for it is a Banana Peel and a Smile….

April 2017

It’s still a bit too chilly to ride without full fingered gloves so I haven’t been bothering with photos on my rides.  Well, that and I haven’t spent much time at the back of the group either, and it’d be idiotic (and selfish) to try fishing my phone out of my pocket in any other position than clean-up.

Today’s ride was perfect.  Perfectly sunny, perfectly cloudless, perfectly breezy and finally perfectly warm.  Well, for April.  It was beautiful and we had a decent group for it, about eight of us I think.

My bike is operating like it’s still just off the showroom floor.  Better, I’m operating like I’m a fair bit younger than my 47 years would suggest.  My winter time on the trainer horsing big gears was perfectly fruitful so I’m able to spend a ton of time up front and filling in gaps later in rides when guys are running low on gas.

Something struck my funny bone while out on our ride today…  I looked down at my computer, just randomly, and saw we had 27 miles in.  I was bummed we only had 23 to go.

God, I love cycling season after a long, boring winter.

And we get to do it all over again tomorrow.  Perfect.

This photo, from last spring, will do…


  1. Posts like this are why I like coming to your blog. I’m smiling. Had a rough day with some great takeaways, but no ride today.. so I am living vicariously through you!

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