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I Almost Forgot about My Annual Post About Shaving the Guns (Legs)!!! So, Should a Cycling Enthusiast Shave his Guns Too?

April 2017
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Here’s the honest to God truth, no bull$#!+, to the question “Should a male cycling enthusiast shave his legs”:  Yes, but only kinda.

This question does not apply to the female of the species because the answer is already yes before one throws a leg over a bike.  If it’s no – for any reason, then if you become a cyclist, the answer changes to abso-freaking-lutely.

First, it is more aerodynamic.  This is a proven fact and if you try to hit the comments section saying anything different, you’re preemptively wrong – you don’t even have to write the comment and you’re already wrong.  It’s wind-tunnel tested, baby.

For that reason alone, I’d shave (and I have ever since I started riding with a group).

That’s not the end of the story though.  Mrs. Bgddy likes my legs shaved, and if she likes it, I like it.  It’s that simple.

Besides, it looks better.

There is a small caveat:  Shaving the guns is not required for guys.  In fact, usually mainly racers bother with shaving and many on club rides won’t bother.  For mere enthusiasts, it’ll depend on where you live.  Go to a club ride and don’t shave first.  If you show up and you’re the only one with hairy guns, guess what.

At the very least, if it were me, I would take clippers to my legs every couple of weeks and knock the hair down to a reasonable length.  Wait a minute, no I wouldn’t, because I shave mine.

Now if you’re wondering why my arms look rather glistening, well that’s because I use the clippers on them.  Average arm hair length is between 1/4″ and 1/2″ during the summer.

In other words, fellas… mind the hair.


  1. Shaved guns, all year round! #standards

    Interesting comment on the arm hair. I don’t really have long or thick arm hair so I’ve never considered that. If I did I’d probably tidy that up too.

  2. Anon says:

    I don’t ever really see myself shaving, I’m not that obsessed with performance. I’m also quite hairy, and once I start shaving here and there, where does it end?! Never say never though.

  3. saoirsek says:

    Apologies if this posts twice, the internet is acting up…anyhoo, this is the ONLY time a man should shave his legs. The whole “hairless” epidemic (with younger people)going on kind of gives me the creeps. Another benefit of cyclists shaving their legs is it makes cleaning a wound easier if you take a tumble!

  4. You should be wearing a pink kit with rainbows on it…. heh heh heh

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