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Oops, I did It Agai…. Err. Um, Yeah…

I rely on my wife, and sometimes my friends, to keep a leash on me the day after a hard ride because I have a problem.

I lose my mind just a little bit when I ride alone.  I simply can’t help it.

You see, I start out with the right attitude.  “I’m going to take it easy.  Take an hour to do the 16 mile route, or a little more for the 17-1/2″.  It starts out so well.  200 yards/meters in and I’m sitting up, spinning my legs at a wild clip for the 17 mph I’m going….

And then I realize I’m atop one of the greatest aero road sprint bikes ever formed out of carbon fiber and resin and trace bits of aluminum…

“Surely I can up shift one gear.  That won’t hurt!  This is too easy anyway.”

Then, “I’m pedaling so easy, maybe one more gear.”  I look down at my computer.  It reads 20.6 mph.  I’m riding into the wind.

Oops, I did it again.

“No sense in slowing down now”, says someone in my melon committee.  I like him – unlike a few of the other @$$holes who roam around up there, stirring up crap, this one gets me.

25 mph, I’m down in the drops, with a bit of a tailwind, just happily pedaling along.  26 mph.  27.  My chances of taking an hour to complete the route were left in the wind long ago, and I’m not on the short 16 mile route…  Finally, I decide to relax a bit, with five miles to go I slow the speed down again.  Less power, same cadence.

I pull into the driveway, 56 minutes and a few seconds after I rolled out.  17-1/2 miles.  That works out to something like 19 mph and I can feel it in my legs…  And it feels good.

Hopefully my wife will wait to ride with me this evening so I don’t have to “Oops, do it again.  Again.”

I’ll need an actual, real easy day before the long weekend rides.