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The Cyclist’s Cookbook:  Barbecue Bacon Burgers with Homemade Onion Staws

April 2017
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This is cyclist food at its best, and highly recommended after anything north of 50 miles…  Less than that and you’ll have to skip meals to afford the calories, and we wouldn’t want that.  Would we?  

Bigddy’s Barbecue Bacon Burgers.

First, bacon on goes into the oven at 450, cut in half on a cookie sheet and rack.  Bake until your approximation of done.  Don’t fry it.  Bake it.  A little less fat.

Make your burger patties… Third or half-pounders.  I’m partial to half’s lately.  Sprinkle them with Montreal Spicy Steak Seasoning (or regular) and douse with a bit of worcestershire sauce.  Set them aside for the time being.

For the onion straws, slice an onion thinly.  Break the slices apart and dunk them in water.  Then dip them in flour and fry in preheated oil in a frypan.  Fry till golden brown.  Set aside when done.  We use vegetable oil, feel free to use whatever method you can.

Pull the bacon out of the oven, it should be done by now.  Set that aside.

Time to get the burgers done.  Grill ’em to a perfect medium-rare (or medium if you must).  The best quality ground beef you can afford.  The better the beef, the tastier the burger.

I recommend putting the barbecue sauce on the burgers while they’re on the grill, just as they become done, but that’s just me.  My personal favorites are Famous Dave’s Natural, Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet and Sassy, or Weber’s Sweet and Spicy.

et voilá!

Now that’s the proper carbs to protein ratio for refueling muscles!



  1. chape says:

    Haha! Long ride today? Looks delicious 😀
    big hugs!

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