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How to Fix a Creaky, Squeaky Water Bottle Cage… In less than 30 Seconds

April 2017
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My bike is an exceptionally well thought out work of art.  

Everything matches, everything has its place, and everything is as high-end as I could afford.

Now, I realize I lose a few style points for carrying big water bottles, but I ride big miles and we don’t stop if we don’t have to, so complain if you must, I’m okay with it.

With that out of the way, I have two Blackburn carbon fiber bottle cages that match the bike perfectly.  As you can see, the red one is the perfect shade of red too…  Even the Camelbak bottles match. 

Now couple that with my healthy obsession that my bike be perfectly quiet and this gets interesting.

It was with great consternation that I found the red cage creaks when there’s a bottle in it.  It creaks over every little bump in the road.  Just a small creak, most people can’t even hear it when I’m riding next to them…  It absolutely drove me up a wall.  I tried three different kinds of high-end water bottles too.  Purist, Polar, and Camelbak.  The Polar bottles worked the best but they were far from perfect.

It came to a head over the weekend.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I thought about buying a new Specialized cage I’d seen at the shop.  It was very nice, very carbon fiber and the red was almost as good a match as the Blackburn.  The only problem was getting it by my wife.  That wasn’t going to happen. 

As I rode my solo active recovery ride Monday, every time I rode over choppy pavement, I would place my hand on my bottle and feel where the vibration came from.  The upper lip was the offender.  I thought of trying anything from foam tape to exotic solutions…. then I decided to keep it simple:

Three tiny pieces of electrical tape on the upper flange was enough to tighten everything up perfectly.  

Last night’s club ride was the test.  Perfectly quiet, as it should be.



  1. Dan says:

    Well come on over to Iowa and figure out where my 2 creaks are coming from for me!!! One is in the seat area and I’ve not been on the bike since I worked on that one. The other……? No clue!

  2. Husband will love this 🙂

  3. I much prefer both bottle cages to be the same though, hehe!

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