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It Takes Two to Tandem, 2017 Edition

I pulled the tandem out last weekend, cleaned it up and transfered some measurements over from my wife’s road bike.

I’d been looking forward to putting some miles on it since.  I don’t know what it is about that bike but I just love to ride it with my wife.

Wednesday evening was the time.  We had some ugly skies to the immediate south but it was supposed to stay south of us.  My wife and I mounted the steed, pushed off, and away we went.

First, I’d forgotten how much more work the tandem is than my single bikes.  It’s a lot like marriage that way though, riding a tandem:  More work but A LOT of fun.

I had to bust my ass for an 18 mph average but my God, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

My buddy Mike had decided to join us and provided comic relief by chiming in, “Yeah, I like this [drafting behind a tandem] a lot better!”

I had so much fun, I’d bet Democrats are meeting as we speak to try to figure out how to raise my taxes because it’s simply not fair, in these tumultuous times (that politicians created in the first place), for a man to have as much fun as I did.

There’s just something special about riding that bike with my wife.

Most guys will joke that they wouldn’t want to have their wife that close to their ear but I love it.  While I struggle with keeping an eye on the speedometer and thus, trying to push the pace a bit, I really enjoy being able to talk with my wife while we’re pounding out the miles.

After a few funny reminders that we were on a tandem, we found our rhythm and we cranked out some quality miles.  While I did have to work a bit harder, the balance to that work is being able to cut through the wind.  If you’ve never ridden a tandem, riding one into the wind is truly a beautiful experience.  Where I’d normally be in the drops, trying to kiss my stem cap, on the tandem, it’s simply head down and go.

As we rolled home on the final mile we exchanged fist bumps with Mike and pulled into the driveway.  Dinner was extra good Wednesday night.  And I slept like a baby.

Over the last couple of days I’ve given up trying to figure out why I love riding that tandem so much.  I simply moved on to acceptance.  It’s good enough for government work.

It’s a Good Time for Men to Stand Up for Decency.

Brick Breakers: Will You Stand In The Gap –

No further comment necessary.  We men must stand for what is right, good and decent.