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A Sweet Day for a Bike Ride;  No Place I’d Rather Be than In the Saddle

Obviously, any day which happens to be dry, above freezing, and with winds under 20 mph is a good day for a bike ride.  I’m not talking about good.  I’m talking about sweet.

It’s rare, in April, for we Michiganders to get a perfect Saturday for cycling but that’s exactly what we had yesterday.

Single digit breeze, abundant sunshine and reasonable temps.  It started out cool, of course.  This is Michigan, but it did warm up quickly enough.

We put in two hours and 20 glorious minutes for 43 miles on the nose.  

We were heading home, 38 miles on the computer, and I was bummed we only had five to go.  It is what it is though.  I had grass to cut so I decided to settle for the 43.

The good news is I only need 38 miles to top 200 miles for the fourth consecutive week… and today is supposed to be nicer than yesterday!  

It is good to be me.