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The Cure for Stress-induced Insomnia


April 2017





One badass bike…



Plus this:


One badass pace…


Equals Zzzzzzzzzz…..

*Disclosure:  The duration is correct for the ride, the average is distorted because the last half-mile is used as a cool down.  Our actual average for Tuesday night was between 20.8 and 20.9 mph.  For the “B” Group.  I use the time that we cross the finish line (City Limits Line) for historical reasons.

It’s been a pretty tough week at work.  I’m lucky if I get three or four hours of sleep a night.

Not Tuesday night though.  No, I made sure everything was taken care of before the club ride and ignored my phone until the ride was done.  I was out (asleep) before 9:30 and didn’t wake up till the alarm went off at 4:30.  Seven hours may not seem like much to normal folk but that’s an hour or two better than I’m used to getting on a good day.  Tuesday night seven felt like twelve.

No doubt though, a good bike ride fixes a lot of problems for me.


  1. fitnessgrad says:

    Oh goodness, good ole insomnia, I personally think I have had it since very young , since I mean I chose to stay up all night with the brother and play video games but as I got older, man oh man, it progressed for a while but these days it isn’t AS bad, but still obviously there. I like how you added the whole “stress” , because yes, that would be my reasons for it progressing lately, the stress. Thankfully the gym workouts have calmed my mind but outside of that I need to start up other hobbies! lol. and I don’t mean blogging! I might look into riding my bike again, haven’t for ages, but hey the weather is getting nicer, so might be time to do something new every once in a while.


  2. Gail says:

    I sleep like a old stump every night. The “resistance” could have yet another large meltdown in my bedroom, and I wouldn’t hear them, and that’s not entirely due to the fact that they are stupid, so I ignore them. I also run between 100 – 150 km a month. More if I’m training for something special. Seamus O’Malley also sleeps like a professional. A happy dog is a tired dog. Coincidence? Ride on, stay stress free, and sleep well.

  3. adarling575 says:

    I WISH I could get by on that little sleep! 7 hours and I’m exhausted, I aim for 8. All my issues with fitting in enough runs and work and social time would be gone with an extra 3 hours a day!!

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