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Daily Archives: May 4, 2017

60 MPB!  A New PB!

Okay, so last Sunday was supposed to be a mess, weatherwise, so we did our long ride on Saturday.  It was a good ride.  Not really fast but definitely not slow either.

Anyway, I’ve always claimed that I get 25 Miles Per Banana riding my bike (it actually is a tee-shirt).  I really did a century on just four bananas (and a bunch of water) to prove I could do it.

Well, we had a great group for Saturday’s planned 60 miler and it was simply a blast.  We were 56 miles in before I realized I’d only eaten one banana!  I figured I may as well make it the full 60 even though I was famished.  So now I get 60 MPB.  Kind of.  Truth be told, I ate quite a bit for breakfast after the ride.

On another non-silly side of cycling, we’re starting to attract some of the A riders over to our B group.  As it turns out, my reasoning behind sticking with the B group, about not wanting to “suffer” so much on a bike ride, is attracting some of the A guys over.  We all love long bike rides but it takes a special kind of person to want to do it with their tongue dangling inches from their spokes.  I am not one of them.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.