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How Good does that Cup of Coffee Taste?

It’s 6 am on a Saturday and I’m prepping my bike for another long day on the road.  I feel like a kid as I sip on my cup of coffee.  It tastes good.

You just woke up to the alarm.  It’s Monday morning and you’ve got a firestorm waiting for you at work.  How good does that first cup of coffee taste?

It’s Friday.  You’re out with your spouse and just had the best dinner you’ve ever eaten.  The a waiter brings you the perfect cup of after-dinner coffee.  How good does that cup of coffee taste?

You’ve finally decided that you can’t take being a drunk any longer.  You’re at your first meeting.  You’re hung-over, pissed and scared.  How good does that cup of coffee taste?

You just celebrated 20 years sober.  You’re with friends and family and you feel like you just won the lotto.  How good does that cup of coffee taste?

You had cancer.  You needed a good portion of your innards removed to get the cancer out of you, but the surgery was successful and you just got done with your first set of physical rehab.  You’re out on the town after seven weeks of poking, prodding and cutting.  You’re sitting down for your first cup of coffee since you got out.  How good do you think that cup of coffee is going to taste?

I think it’d be pretty damn yummy.

Just a thought.