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I Love Springtime (When it Finally Shows Up)

18 easy miles, 58 minutes on the nose, a light breeze.  For a solo ride, it doesn’t get much better.

One Week, 210 Miles, a Day off for Rain, and an Easy Day for Wind and Getting it Done.

Last week was a horrible week for cycling.  Unseasonably cold, unreasonably windy, rainy… just nasty.  Even so, we managed to get our miles in.  Let’s just say there was a lot of character building going on out on the roads near my house.  

This time of year I like to be between 150 & 200 miles and I hadn’t been below 200 in five weeks.  Above 200 is summer miles, and I really wanted to extend that five week stretch to six because this week, the weather is finally set to come back to normal (mild, sunny, and breezy).

On going to sleep Thursday night 200 didn’t seem possible.  It was supposed to rain Friday, and without a decent Friday there was no way.  I took Monday off because I had a 60-day streak that I wanted to end and it was cold and raining.  Tuesday we rode mountain bikes because of 20+ mph wind and it rained.  Wednesday was decent and we logged almost 20 miles but I was on the trainer Thursday evening due to rain again.  

So Friday morning I was sitting on just 60 miles for the week.

Long story short, no rain.  Lots of wind but no rain.  We rode.  A lot.

Friday: 29.  Saturday 58-1/2.  Sunday 61-1/2.  149 miles in three days.

210 total miles for the week.

It’s been quite the bummer around here, weather-wise.  We’ve only had two shorts and short-sleeve days so far.  We’re still in thermal tights, vests, toe covers and full-finger gloves.  Heck, up until yesterday, I still had to cover my ears when we ride.

The weather is finally turning for the better later this week through, and it’s about time.  In fact, my ride last evening was finally sweat-worthy, sunny, and I could legitimately refer to the wind as a “breeze” (breeze, defined as less than 7 mph).

Mercifully sunny….