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Losing Weight on Bicycles; Watching the Weight Drop. Finally!


In the last two weeks I dropped 3 pounds.  Per week.  Six pounds, gone, in two weeks.

I’ve been riding big miles for five weeks now.  Meaning I went three weeks before the needle moved… down.  I actually gained a pound in the first three weeks.  Then all of a sudden, BAM!   

It would have been very easy to give up hope and opt for drastic measures but I felt that if I just hung in there, good things would happen, and they did.

Dropping six pounds off of my current 16.8 pound bike would cost…. um, carry the one….  About $15,000.  The cost of a brand new, top of the line, H1 Trek Emonda – one of the lightest production bikes available at a shade over 10 pounds (minus pedals and cages of course).

I’ve been managing my weight for six years on two wheels and I thought I’d present some of my experience in the form of little nuggets.

  • Losing weight in the first two or three years is easier.  Once my body got used to the mileage I put on it, it became more efficient at the exercise.
  • Age sucks…  The older I get, the more carefully I have to manage my diet.
  • The bike makes it more fun.  I’d ride a leisure bike if I had to but I wouldn’t like it as much as what I ride today.
  • I ride the bicycle equivalent of a McLaren and it is good.

The bike matters, bro. Even when it’s photographed backwards.

  • Cycling hard enough to really burn the weight is more enjoyable on a bike I respect and love to ride.
  • The faster I am willing to go, the easier the weight slides off.  
  • It took three years to get my cycling legs.  Three years and more than 15,000 miles of busting my butt on the road before I really felt like I could be comfortable putting in big miles on both weekend days (50+ a day).
  • Unfortunately, when I got my cycling legs, losing weight became a little more challenging.
  • My bottom line has always been, ride hard, ride happy.  Riding slow burns half the calories.  
  • I don’t count easy effort calories against my diet.  I ride so much I have to use active recovery rides to keep from burning out.  I don’t count them.


  1. unironedman says:

    Who wants Chris Froome arms on a building site?

  2. tischcaylor says:

    Congrats on the loss! Know what you mean about it getting tougher, both in terms of age and your body adapting. Just wait til you get over 50. (Though you will have the satisfaction of knowing you’re in better shape than many 30somethings.)

  3. tischcaylor says:

    Also, sent an email to Feed the Engine, but I just gotta say: Love the shirt! Great design, very cool and very comfy!

  4. When I rode it was 20-30 miles 5 times a week. The other 2 were hiking. I rode as soon as work let out, and wearher permitted. I am only barely 5’2″. My doctor was upset at my weight saying if I lost anymore weight he would take me off some medications needed. I ate healthy, drank a ton of water, and just am small by nature. The weight just melted off. I was time, and had muscle wear I had never before. We did a lot of long up hill. My mom told me I looked great, she is my own worst critic. She told me to tell him to be quiet, and said it was probably because he was a very overweight man himself. I could not gain. I maintained that weight for 3 years. The same number once it was off it stayed at that. I don’t about now being away for so long. Don’t have the stamina as I did with my seizures. Working on getting back there, I miss it more than any other. Great job! Now for me😕✌

  5. You’ve inspired me to stay on the bike during my XT days, and probably to even do some brick workouts some days. There is nothing better than cycling legs (although I have a lot of miles to go before that would ever happen, lol)

  6. Wow! Inspirational!

    I can’t seem to get in a workout routine. I know it will help but I’m stuck in some ruts, now.

    Great to read that all that cycling is paying off for you, physically speaking. Obviously, from following the blog, it’s doing wonders by your spirit.

  7. chape says:

    Congrats Jim!!

  8. Wow shedding the pounds! Keep those pedals turning! 🙂

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