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That’s not a No-drop Ride…  THAT’S A No-drop Ride!

The Title is a blast from the past, referring to a Crocodile poacher…

My friend, Chuck, sent a text out about a new ride a few towns south of us.  With the club ride tonight, I wasn’t looking for anything fast.  His text billed it as a “no drop” ride and my daughter was competing in a track meet at the very school we were meeting at.  Mrs. Bgddy, God bless her, suggested I ride…

Sometimes fast just finds a way.  ‘Er somethin’.

It started out simple and slow enough.  We headed out of the parking lot and within three-quarters of a mile were in the middle of our first of many climbs.  The group broke up a bit on the climb but we regrouped three miles later.

We rolled just as soon as the last straggler rolled into the lot.

Within a half-mile, we were slowed.  The straggler threw his chain.  He ended up cutting his ride short.  We were off again, and the speed built from there.  It felt like we hit every hill in a 20 mile radius, not on a main artery or freeway.  The only time I climb more is when we head down to the mountains in Georgia (USA) or when we head to the “up north” half of Michigan.

The speed built up slowly, kinda like the story of boiling a frog.  It was easy at first but it just kept getting faster until all of a sudden, a real ride had broken out.

There were, apparently, two or three problems….  maybe four, on second thought. First, we had a legitimate horse among us.  I was the second problem.  I’m not losing his wheel.  The third problem was Chuck.  That dude is nothing short of amazing on a hill.  Stupid fast.  The fourth went to several guys who were quite adept at sitting in so that we never really got split up.

I’d figured we would put in 26-ish miles.  We ended up with 32.  With all of that climbing, it being a no-drop ride and considering I’ve got a big ride tonight, I’d have been happy with a 16 mph average.  My wife and I ride many of those roads in the fall and spring ending up with a 15 mph average that I was plenty happy with….

19 miles per hour.  32 miles in an 1:41.

Coolest thing ever, and that’s why I ride as hard as I do….  Every once in a while I’m around when a real ride breaks out.  It’s awesome to be a part of it.


  1. Sounds like fun. ‘The best laid plans of mice and men…’

  2. heavyman927 says:

    I love those rides. It’s not an organized race, it’s a street fight! And even if you’re trying to peak for something in the future, it’s hard not to get pulled into it. It’s fun and it’s staring you right in the face.

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