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¡No Mas!  ¡No Mas!  Listening to One’s Body Sounds Cool, but Every Now and Again I Need to Tell Mine What’s What.


Okay, I’m tired.  I know it, even if I’m not riding like it.  Most days I’d tell you, I simply need a recovery ride, chill out a little bit, sit up and spin my legs…  I might get away with that, but I really don’t know.

Check it out:

Last Friday:  39 miles
Last Saturday: 60 miles
Sunday: 49 miles
Monday: 32 miles
Tuesday: 39 miles

Better, averages, in order of appearance:  18.4, 19.5, 17.6 merciful mph, 19, 20.4.  It’s the last two combined with the distance.  219 miles in five days is a lot, but at those speeds and this early in the season?  Those are August numbers…  

After just 16 days in a row, I’m taking a day off (it just happens to coincide with my youngest daughter’s band concert).  I’ve already gone 60 days in a row this year but this feels different.  There’s nothing wrong, really, in fact I feel quite strong and rode very well last night.  I just want to keep that going.

In this case, my body is saying, “Roll with it, big fella.  Keep riding.”  Rather than listen to it, I’m taking a day off.  At least I think I am, as of 4:30 this morning…

Often, I can buy into the whole “listen to my own body” thing, as long as I am truthful in my interpretation of what it’s saying.  Too often I see people choose to confuse “lazy” as a means of “listening”.  I worked very hard over the winter to be fit this spring.  My strategy paid off and I want to keep it rolling and in this case rather than listen to my body, which is technically saying “go”, I think I’m going to tell it to chill out a minute.  

Maybe you think I’m right, maybe wrong….  In the end, what matters is what I think and what I can get behind – my end goal is always stronger, faster, fitter.  In this instance, a day off makes sense.


  1. Sandra says:

    No one is judging you 🙂

    Besides, you know what’s best, right?

    RIGHT! It seems like you’re more in tuned to listening to your body than most people that I know.

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