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Daily Archives: May 18, 2017

Okay. So Maybe I didn’t Need that Day Off After All….

I made it home a little early yesterday and I had every intention of not riding a bike.  

Look at me.  Every intention.

It was windy (20+ mph).  But it was sunny.  It was hot.  But it was warm!  It wasn’t raining and there’s a chance of showers this evening.  I had to do it.  Had to.
Er somethin’.

Seriously though, at least it was slow(ish).

Besides, my bike had developed an interesting click when I pedaled under power.  It sounded like dirt in the crank but the shop recommended a few things to try first.  I tried three new things and I wanted to see if any of them worked.

One of two things did the trick.  I had two sticking keys in the free hub (the free hub holds the cassette on the wheel.  When you stop pedaling, that clicking you hear is the teeth in the free hub).  I cleaned those keys and got them to stop sticking and put the rear huh back together (I think that’s what did it).

Then I looked at the spokes.  Where they cross on the rear wheel, they tend to rub together.  They can wear a groove that will click when the wheel goes around.  I did find two crossing spokes that were grooved.  I put a piece of paper between the spokes…. 

Whichever it was, the click is gone.

So maybe I’ll get a day off today… and maybe not.  I need some rain!  Chuckle.