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Three Miles Shy of a Day Off…

It was supposed to be raining yesterday afternoon and I was supposed to have a day off.  Mostly sunny, 85 degrees.

I have this thing; I can’t take a sunny day off.  It is what it is.  I spend all winter cooped up, there’s simply no way I can look at a sunny, mid ’80’s day and say, “Nah, I’ll couch it and watch the baseball game.”  Not after three months of snow, ice and bike riding in freezing temperatures and riding on the modern equivalent of a hamster wheel. 

So I suited up, prepped my bike and geared up.

One problem:  

30 mph wind gusts.  The first mile was slow but fine.  The second, well look at the trees and flag.  I almost was blown to a stop, then off the road so I turned around and headed home.  There’s a difference between dedicated and stupid, and I do know where that line is drawn, even if I try to dance on it.

So I was three slow miles from an actual day off.  I’ll call that good enough for government work.


  1. Wind ruins everything, stupid wind.

  2. my cycling buddy hates the rain-dunno how many times he has dived under trees, the side of sheds, doorways to avoid cycling in the rain-sometimes i fear it will be nightfall by the time we finish with the amount of stops he does-i just want to keep going to get it over with-but not him. “But sure your skins 100% waterproof” never seems to work with him.

  3. Todd King says:

    Hi Jim! I just discovered your blog. Cool stuff! I found myself scrolling through the archives for much longer than I should have… This is Todd King, one of the other Venge riders (the Sagan edition). I rode into that west wind for about 18 miles, 40 total miles. I ‘enjoyed’ the work, but the cross winds were brutal, which is where the “stupid” part comes in I think!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Hey, brother! It was just ridiculous yesterday. I can’t believe you rode that far in that wind! Awesome job, man. I was too tired, 16 days in a row and I was looking for a good excuse.

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