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Seventeen Simple Miles…


Finally.  The sun was out and it was perfectly mild… barely above room temperature, a perfect April day, even if it’s the end of May.

I prepped my bike and donned my Cavelo kit, pumped my tires up, topped off a water bottle with good old-fashioned H2O, put on my shoes and snapped my helmet on and out the door I went.  With the club ride this evening, the ride was just about enjoying the sunshine and the fact that I was on two wheels.  For an hour, the world wouldn’t be able to catch me.

I rode my normal route, into a fairly stiff wind first, and headed into town.  I altered my route and headed over to the High School so I could watch my oldest run the 200 meter at her last meet of the year.  After she ran I got back on my bike and headed for home.  I paid little attention to the computer and just rode easy, enjoying the tailwind and sunshine.

I love those weekday rides.  There’s no goal, no objective, no target speed, just enjoying the ride and feeling the sun beat down on my vitamin D deprived skin.

As f***ed up as this world can be, as long as I’ve got an hour for a bike ride so I can refocus on why life is good, I’ll be okay.


  1. I totally know this feeling. I prayed yesterday to be healed. My time on my bike helped me so much then I realized. I would not always go off road, we have the Centennial Trail and it forever long, and beautifully scenic. It trails along the river in a lot of ares. Had to meet with local bike shop(small town set up)..selling my road bike. He has Epilepsy too. What are the odds. He was like you were so bad a**, and now you can’t ride. 3 years of my life was living for the ride, the feel, the escape and release it gave. Struggling here waiting for his hour but the weather is prime. When I read this I really felt it. I WANT TO RIDE AGAIN!! For now I will trust God and ride through your posts! Thank you!!

  2. The Lord knows the desires of my heart. My bike expenses are of not. Lack of work. He is bigger than this though. Submitting all this to prayer. That would be incredible. Hmm. Now my brain is a going….GONE 😄🌞🚴🚵

  3. Man I totally know this feeling, but unfortunately I’ve been stuck training indoors the last couple of days. I did complete my first half century this weekend and that was awesome. Enjoyed the entry, thanks!

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