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The Very Definition of Justice

How often do you see a douche park their Beemer or Benz taking up two parking spots?  I’ve seen one jerk take four parking spaces before.  This is justice:

When that punk starts throwing his hands up in the air like a little baby, my God, I haven’t laughed so hard in a while!

Tuesday Night Club Ride; Sometimes Staying Dry is Simple Luck Edition

The Weather Channel showed a pretty decent chance of a storm – this is on the radar, not the touchy-feely 50-50 hourly report, it was “a big blob of green headed your way”.  

Then it showed the rain would stay to the west… then it showed we’d get creamed.

I loaded up and headed out anyway, figuring, at worst I could do the warm-up and check the radar again.

Two minutes from the parking lot and it started sprinkling.  I figured I was sunk…. but the spitting stopped.  Only two of us showed for the warm-up seven miles, and we were hit by the occasional tiny rain drop from time to time, but with no wind (!) and a temp warm enough for shorts, it wasn’t so bad.  

On arriving back at the parking lot I checked the radar, yet again, and the radar was ugly.  It showed we had a little less than an hour before we got wet.  Just long enough to get the 21 mile route in but if we did the 30, we would finish wet.  

I can’t remember being so “on the fence” about a ride, ever.  In the end, it was my cycling anniversary, six years, so I decided to at least do the 21 but check the sky at 15, the point of no return for the 30 mile route.

Long route written short, I stuck it out for the 30, had a great, fun ride and with the exception of a few drops of rain, remained dry.  Ten minutes after we finished, bike in the car, the rain finally hit us.  Not strong, but it was wet indeed.

Turned out two of the guys, Dave and Mike, wore their rain shoes…. They likely saved us.

I imagine Todd, Winston and Jesse weren’t as lucky as the rest of us.  They rode [their bikes] in and were likely just a few miles into the ride home when the rain started.

I needed that ride.  I had a rough but productive day at the office and I had some steam to blow off.  As any cyclist will tell you, there isn’t much better than a good bike ride for that.  As any recovering drunk cyclist will tell you, it sure beats… well, a lot.