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Daily Archives: May 25, 2017

REST!  Finally!

Gnarly yesterday, nasty today…  Two rest days in a row !  I don’t quite know what to do with myself!

Oops.  Wrote that line at 4 am, Tuesday.  Crazy thing, it didn’t rain much all day.  They, meaning the Weather prognosticators, pushed the rain off to the late evening.  So the title should be “REST!  Almost!

It was a wonderful evening for a bike ride. 

My ride was one of those solo efforts that brought me back to the specialness of cycling, the pure enjoyment of being out on the road with nothing to do but aim the bike and push on the pedals.  No worries, no work, no problems.  It was just me and my bike and a bunch of miles.

I love those days on the bike where nothing matters but the pedaling and looking around.  Speed didn’t matter, but hitting the corners sure was fun….

It was as good as they get, and I’m still wearing the smile.