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Daily Archives: June 2, 2017

A 1,000 Mile May… and Body Perceptions. 

1003 miles in 31 days.  Better than 30 miles a day, on average.  I needed every one of those 31 to hit that thousand mile mark though.

It wasn’t easy, of course.  We had a mountain bike day or two because it was too windy, but in the end, just Wednesday evening, I crossed over the mark.


With all of those miles, you’d think I’d be feeling like the handsome devil I often write about being.  After all, I burned seventeen pounds worth of calories last month.  The unfortunate trick (Michael Mann, please call your office) is that I think I ate an extra sixteen pounds of food.

My wife says I look fantastic but I feel a little chubby.  The scale and BMI (both old and new) say I’m healthy but I don’t see it when I look in the mirror.  So there’s a particular jersey I own, a pro-fit jersey that I make look good when I’m fit:

The jersey sat in my cycling kit drawer all spring long because I knew it would be too tight.  Well, I pulled it out and put it on for my Thousand Mile May ride… and it fit better than when the photo above was taken.

Shows you how much I know about what I’m supposed to look like in the mirror.

Isn’t that funny, really?  Scale says I’m good.  The internet says my BMI is good.  The doctor says I’m ridiculously healthy (weight wise, my ticker is a different story, maybe)…. but I look in the mirror and see fat.

All over covfefe.

Go figurfufu.

Ah well, if we didn’t have something to work on, wouldn’t life be bland?