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The View from the Drops…  Just a Perfect Day for a Bike Ride….

June 2017
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22 miles yesterday.  Nothing impressive, certainly an easy pace, but it was good.  Mrs. Bgddy and I rolled rolled at 5 and just had an enjoyable time riding together.  Mid 70’s, sunny, mild breeze…  When I wrote “Perfect” in the Title, I meant it.  Perfect.

Exactly as it should be.


  1. i did something similar on my own today-unsure of miles as did not bother with computer.But it was great getting out and unwinding.Tomorrow will be over by giant’s causeway with cycling buddy-will be discussing 2 forth coming away trips. Might bring camera tomorrow.

  2. Enjoy my friend! I thought you’d be proud. For some summer exersize, I started dropping my kids off or picking them up on the bike (+trailer) from day care.

  3. joliesattic says:

    I don’t know where you live but it looks like a great place to ride. I liked riding when I could just go out my door and ride. Traffic is horrid here, so it’s not terribly enticing except for the brave soul that doesn’t mind risking life and limb on busy roads.

    • bgddyjim says:

      We won’t move specifically because we live in such an excellent community for cycling. We easily have two dozen routes, going in any direction, and we only have to roll out of my driveway. My wife and I feel blessed to live here.

      • joliesattic says:

        I’m jealous but I can’t blame you for staying put then. I told my hubby that was the one thing I missed. He grew up here and doesn’t really mind, but I hate it. I have to pack up my bike to a trail if I want to ride and I inhale car fumes the whole time because of their proximity to freeways. It somehow doesn’t feel healthy then. We are here for the in laws for now anyway. Well I can live vicariously through you all.

  4. bonnev659 says:

    great views can not wait to have it for view of Smugglers Notch, VT this week

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