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What a Normal, Sane Recovering Alcoholic does After getting the “All Clear” from the Cardiologist….

That’s right!  All clear, baby!!!

The cardiologist said he’s going to do an echocardiogram just to be 100% but he said there isn’t so much as a murmur to be detected.  I’m fit as a fiddle.  I was fortunate enough to get a two-for-one with a second cardiologist…. She suggested I come back and see them in 45 years if I start to slow down.

My socks in the photo above, not ironically, say “Ride Clean” ’cause that’s what I am.

Technically, only the last mile of my ride last evening was done with any sort of decent stress.  I turned the corner at 56:05 and I wanted to try to beat 59 flat into a gnarly cross headwind.  Unfortunately turning into and the length of my driveway got me.  Still, not bad for an active recovery ride in a 15-20 mph wind and temp at 93 big ones (34 C)…

I’ve been scared this last two weeks leading up to the appointment.  I kept it under wraps and made my peace with it, but I slowed down quite a bit, just in case.  As if “It’s okay if you take that engine up to 5,000 RPM, but don’t get ‘er near 8,000.”  The idea of my heart blowing up kinda sucked some of the life out of me.

Starting out, I could really feel last week’s miles weighing on my legs (Heh).  The only answer is an easy spin.  To take a day off before the club ride is to suffer through what should be a fun, fast ride.

Not that last mile, though.  Not today.  Today I put the hammer down and it felt good.  After all, if it’s all clear, it’s all clear, right?


Favorite question of the appointment:

Doctor:  “What medications do you take?

Me:  “None.”

Doctor:  “None, as in nothing?”

Me:  “None.  Well, I take an Aleve once or twice a month if I’m a little sore after a long ride.”

Doctor:  “Wow, okay” …

I got a fever, and the only prescription, is more cowbell.  Explore the space, baby.  Explore it.

The basic gist is this; I have a very pronounced spike for each heartbeat.  This is normal for a very healthy, strong heart.  It’s also a sign of a problem in an unhealthy heart, thus the consternation.  Then there’s another smaller peak in the T wave.  That’s the spooky part…  Unless you’re a slim, fit cyclist with a trim chest cavity (I actually have real pecs, not man boobs).  In that case, my case, the pronounced initial spike actually pulls up the T wave as a part of normal function because I don’t have much in the way of the reading… ‘Er somethin’.

Point is, according to my cardiologist, I’m right as rain, and that’s the important part.

UPDATE:  The Unironedman left a comment in which he stated I would ask to ride to the hospital if I were having a heart attack – and humorously, he’s probably right, with one small caveat:  I’d at least ask to draft the ambulance on the way there.