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Road Trip!!! ¬†Northwest Tour 2017… A Part Deux of Sorts.

We rolled out as it began sprinkling.  The forecast sucked, 40 to 60% chance of rain over the next three hours but we drove up the the Michigan northwest to ride our bikes with friends and that’s what we were going to do.  Besides, Chuck and I both had our ride/rain kryptonite; we both had our rain vests in our back pocket.

It rained a total of three minutes the whole ride, not enough to even get us wet.  In fact, it turned into a beautiful day.

As you can see, rain kryptonite, AKA carrying a rain vest on one’s person, works.  We made it the whole 60 miles without a major drop of rain.  It sprinkled a bit, early on bit that was it.

We finished off the day, well to be fair, I finished my day with the rest of the group who were riding on, at Dinghy’s in Frankfort, Michigan.  We all, all seven of us, had the Smoked Chicken Cherry Wrap.  My God that was one good wrap.

A perfect day riding with friends.  

As a side note, and I’ll write more about this later, upper lower peninsula Michigan is, and should be, one of the great cycling meccas in the United States.  Very little traffic, great roads, fantastic towns, and more freshwater coastline than anywhere on Earth.  We met a couple from South Carolina, up for their own ride with a senior group.  Our meeting was chance.  They gushed about how excellent the north of the lower peninsula was for cycling… and about how much fun they were having sightseeing…

I realized that I take my State for granted.  This flaw will be rectified in short order.