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I Shall Never Disparage My Triple Again…

June 2017
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I’ve taken my Venge on every big tour I’ve ever done.  Two DALMAC’s, a Northwest Tour, the Horsey Hundred three times…

The Venge is light, agile, fast and comfortable as I could hope for.  It’s also sexy.

The Trek is heavy by modern standards, 20, maybe 21 pounds to the Venge’s 17 and change.  It’s nice, no doubt about it, but it’s just not the race bike the Venge is.

With a bunch of new parts on the Trek and rain in the forecast for the Northwest Tour, I decided to take it over the Venge – it is my rain bike after all, and it’s riding like new after the new parts.

Actually, to tell you the truth, I’ve been crushing on the Trek, according to my wife at least.  I have been enjoying it immensely of late.

The funny thing about Northwest is that it’s more “climby” than anything I will do all year long.  There’s a lot of up.

I used the granny gear, 30/25, twice out of novelty and once because 17% on the second day….  I didn’t technically need it for either of the three.  Still, while I would normally be grinding up the hills, I was spinning easy this year.  Unlike years gone by, I always had plenty of gear.

Also, the extra weight of the bike wasn’t as big a negative as having the extra gears was a positive.  In other words, net awesome.  By a long shot.

Not only that, I know my way around that Trek so well I could do much of the maintenance blindfolded.

The end result was a much more enjoyable trip than I could have anticipated.  The 5200 is much more impressive than I could have hoped – and I’ll never disparage my triple again.  It is awesome.



  1. If you ever feel inclined to go across America, definitely take that one! 😉

  2. that 3rd ring and the granny gear has save my neck a few times. On one cycling holiday we had a particularly tough climb-i was always in the big ring until then. Word got about the group about me using this gear, and one woman commented “Today Gerdy, learnt how to use his gears.” I replied “Today, baby, Gerdy- HAD to use his gears!” On other occasions the remark was “Gerdy must have had his weetabix today” and just in case some of you have never heard of weetabix-just take a look at these

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