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Miles with Friends, 33 to be Precise, and there’s no Place like Home – and How to Play!

I didn’t take any photos, the ride looked like so many others… like, maybe this one:

Or this one:

Or even this one:

What made the day great was riding with our friends again after a week’s vacation.  The ride didn’t come close to two hours, but holy cats, was it fun.

Our game is like the phone game app, but the words are spoken, you’re actually together, and there is no sitting still while playing, Miles with Friends is what the fit crowd does.  It doesn’t matter how you play, either.  It just matters that you play.  

Some people like to play on leisure bikes on paved trails, others like the mountain bikes on… well, anything.  Then you have the road crowd, with our need for speed.  You even have those who like to play without a bike at all!

Effort matters, of course.  Miles with Friends works just like anything else in life.  The greater the effort, the greater the rewards, but there’s one thing that matters more than anything when playing:

I’ve yet to see a gloomy face when playing Miles with Friends.  The reason for all of those smiles is simple:  The game is the human equivalent of a pressure release valve.

So, here’s how to play:  Call your handy, dandy local bike shop and tell them how you would like to play the game and let them tell you who to contact at the local bike club.  Make friends.  Set a time.  Put in miles.  Liberally.

Play the game to the best of your ability and you won’t be sorry.  

Read that last sentence however you like… take the clichè or go another route.