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Daily Archives: July 8, 2017

Why would Anyone Ride a Bike 100 Miles in a Day?!

Why would anyone in their right mind ride a bicycle 100 miles in a single day?

Because they don’t make 125 mile bike rides, naturally.

It appears likely I’ll top 300 miles for the week, quite a bit more than my normal 225 mile average during the summertime.  After a nice 70 mile day on the Fourth and a better than normal Monday (33 miles), Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were short, easy days (14-18 miles). 

I’m going into today’s 100 Mile One Helluva Ride with fresh, happy legs.  Tomorrow I’m betting on a 50-60 miler, so adding everything up, that should be between 304 and 314 miles.  That’ll be my best single week (exempting my annual 430+ mile DALMAC weeks where we ride 385 miles in just four days).

Happily, I didn’t gain a pound during vacation this year.  As is normal, we were ludicrously active on vacation.  Once we get rolling, we don’t stop until the sun is down.  Previous years, we tend to eat very dense, calorie laden meals and we snack hard too.  This leads to an extra few pounds that have to be taken off every year.  

This year we saved the calorie laden meals for supper and chose healthy options for breakfast and lunch and I was pleased with the results.

It’s rare I can say this after a vacation, but I really like what I see in the mirror.

More later, ride hard my friends.